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Will not act in such characters says Samantha Akkineni


Tollywood actress Samantha has changed a lot after her marriage. Most of her decisions are new. She is very happy right now. Where ever you see her, she appears with a smile. And she also tells that now she happier than any other in this world.

But since Samantha has acted in many films so far, it seems to have some caution about the selection of stories. She recently told her new decision. From now on, I will only do films that are important to her role. In the past, she did a role in dookudu, now she is not willing to do those type of roles. Samantha explained that Amrita’s role in the Raja Gauri Room 2 was a great way to do the film’s role in the story.

Rakul Preet Singh Randhoya Veduka Cheddam, Sai Pallavi in Fida, Nivetha in Ninnu Kori and a lot of the heroines are doing character-based roles in films.

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