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Who is that secret person controlling Pavan Kalyan?

Pavan Kalyan
Pavan Kalyan

Janasena’s chief Pawan Kalyan has mentioned a crucial issue and has removed the ad from his social media account. In AP and Telangana, 175 seats will be competing in all the seats while our strength. A post has been made that our strength is just as competitive. But in the past, he said that his strength would be just as much as possible. But in the post-putting of this post, there was a lot of confusion among the fans, as well as debate in political circles. How exactly are the 175 positions? There was a debate in political circles that he would have some clarity. Discussion in the political circles also began with the dismissal of that post, the reason why it had already been removed from viral. There is a debate in the ruling and opposition party on this issue.

However, with the removal of this post, another political suspicion came on the Jana Sena party. Pawan Kalyan is aware of the craze he has in the in the public. Pawan said that if Pawan was to contest 175 seats, he would come directly to the media and tell the media, but not through the social platform.

In the same case, the Telugu Desam Party is also talking about hot talk. In the next election also, Pawan Kalyan has been given a few seats and he has been in the forefront of the chances that he will have a chance to win. In addition to this, Pawan Kalyan, the closest friend of the day, along with some of the social activists in Pawan, He seems to be trying to control him without being competitive. At the same time, Pawan was informed that Chandrababu had been using these social groups without misrepresenting the ruling party. Pawan Kalyan had said before the media that he was positive about the Telugu nation rule. According to his words, everyone in the secret political embassy will be acting as an hourly hour between Chandrababu and Pawan Kalyan.

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