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Audience accepted the film ‘Sampath’

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Gopichand’s latest film ‘Gautham Nanda’ released on last Friday and it has received a mixed response.  There was some criticism on the film for the lackluster screen play.   But the filmmakers are saying that the film is running successfully at the box office.  They held a success meet.  Director Sampath Nandi gave an emotional speech during the meet.

He said that “In fact, we didn’t do much publicity for this film.  The reviews were not encouraging. But still, audience accepted the film.  I can’t forget their support. This the best story I’ve penned in my career.  The response I got from the two people who I like, made me happy.  Some audience sent me messages saying that the story is wonderful.  I was delighted with their appreciation as a writer-director.  A girl told me that she has gifted a scooter to her mother after watching this film.”

He said that he didn’t get any call on the release day till evening.  He said that “I started getting appreciation calls from the evening.  Several Industry friends congratulated me for the film.  My friend’s father liked the film very much.  He told me – ‘This is your best film till date’.   He liked the way I dealt the story.. how we should spend money.. how much we should spend etc. I thank the audience who made my film successful irrespective of the criticism.”

Audience accepted the film 'Sampath'
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