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Samantha to Enter Bollywood After Marriage!


Tollywood’s latest favorite couple Nagachaitanya – Samantha is getting ready for the wedding. On 6th of this month, the most closely associated persons are only invited to the marriage held in Goa. Samatha has been asked many times about continuing her career in the film industry after marriage though she clearly stated that she will continue in the film industry.

Her fiancée Nagachaitanya also said that he is supportive in this regard and hence the films will be continuing. Nagarjuna recently revealed an interesting interview. It is said that Samantha will continue acting. She will be starring in the next film in Ronnie Screwvala Productions. However, the rest of the story is not revealed by the Nag.

Samantha did not reveal the idea of acting in Bollywood until she reached top heroine in South. After a wedding of a South heroine in Hindi, it is a rare record. That record is going to be equal. Well done Samantha.

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