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What Sam loved most about her Mother-in-Law?

Chaitanya-Samantha reception
Chaitanya-Samantha reception

Samantha visited the house of her Mother-in-Law Lakshmi in Chennai for celebrating Diwali. She was blown away by the architecture & beautiful idol collection in her in-law’s residence.

MIL's house
MIL’s house

Sharing some of the photographs, Sam wrote: ‘My MILs house is just goals !!’.

In this week, Chaitu’s Mother arranged a special wedding reception in Chennai for the dear ones. Both Mother-in-Law & Daughter-in-Law wore the same outfits for the reception. That’s something guests & netizens who watched those pictures appreciated very much.

A lavish wedding reception is being planned by Nagarjuna in Hyderabad. It’s likely gonna happen in the first week of November.

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