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Asura girl is Eyeing on youtube….!


Rana said several times in the past that he is not a hero but he is an actor.  He is proving it by acting in different stories.  He recently came up with ‘Nene Raju Nene Mantri’ and impressed everybody with his powerful performance.  He is going to act in a web series titled ‘Social’, a fictional drama. This web series will revolve around a girl’s kidnap case according to the talk.  Everything is fine.. but do you know who is the leading lady in this web series?

Priya Banerjee who acted in films like ‘Joru’.. ‘Asura’ is the leading lady of this web series.  She is saying that she has got an opportunity to act in a good character. She said that the web series has commercial values and she has the scope for displaying her acting skills.  But people are wondering about ‘commercial values’ in the web series.   She is said to be playing the character of an aspiring actress.  Her life gets disturbed due to some mistakes..and how her life takes turns because of the social media and present day internet is the rest of the story.

This web series is directed by Sasi. This web series will be released in Telugu and Hindi languages.  She is acting in some other web series in Hindi as well.  Her career didn’t take off in the films, so she is eyeing on YouTube.  Let us wait and see whether it works for her or not.

Asura girl is Eyeing on youtube....!
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