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Nayanthara to get Married Before Sye Raa?


South Indian Lady Superstar Nayanthara, who has been roped into essay the reel wife of Megastar Chiranjeevi in his ambitious magnum opus ‘Sye Raa’, may become a real-life wife before the film completes.

After her highly publicized and in-public love affairs with Simbu and Prabhu Deva ended in the bitter most possible manner, Nayan has reportedly been cautiously guarding her current relationship with young Tamil film director Vignesh Shivn. Their love story is known to everyone but the duo had never accepted it until very recently when Shivn shared a couple of pictures from their romantic vacation on the eve of his birthday and indirectly announced their honest relationship.

As the beautiful actress has been busy with films, she had been postponing their wedding. The current buzz in Tamil film circles is that Nayan has decided to settle down and plans to marry Shivn soon. As neither her director-fiance nor the producers seem to have any problem with her acting post wedding, Nayan has reportedly taken the big decision.

It will take around two years for the completion of Sye Raa, and Nayan will most likely be Mrs. Nayanthara by the time the film gears up for release.

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