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Boyapati is a God Given Brother to Me


Usually, movie promotions revolve around the movie or the hero. But the promotions of ‘Jaya Janaki Nayaka’ are revolving around director Boyapti Sreenu.  It appears that the movie hero is Boyapati himself.  An actor worked for the film praised Boyapati Sreenu that he is a god given brother to him.  You might be surprised to know who is that actor.  He is Nandu.

While speaking at a promotional event Nandu said that  “There is no need for me to talk about the film because it is releasing and the audience will definitely like it.  So, rather than talking about the film, I will talk about the movie director Boyapati garu.  I got to know about him after working for this film.  Aspiring directors can learn a lot from him.  Then they will know why the emotion will be in high pitch in his films.”

“He explains to the actors what to do in every scene.. he explains it with the right dose of emotion.  He will show the postures and body language as well.  He works very hard.  He will not leave the artists until he gets the right emotion.  He will work like a monster when he is canning fight sequences.   That’s the reason why audience feel great watching his action sequences on screen. I don’t have any godfather in the industry till now.  But I got a god given brother now.”

Boyapati is a God Given Brother to Me
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