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Nag’s Sunday Celebrations: 2 Beers & Biryani


We all know about the celebration-mood in the Akkineni family. While Chaitanya-Samantha’s wedding has brought in a new revelry to their family, the recent success of Nagarjuna & Samantha starrer Raju Garirn Gadhi-2 is a nice follow up to it.

The Ohmkar directorial is now running successfully in cinemas and the makers of RGG-2, PVP Cinema, arranged a success meet in Hyderabad on Sunday evening. Nagarjuna and Samantha were attractions at the press-meet event and that’s when Nag opened up how he’s enjoyed the film success and his son’s marriage.

Sincern I was highly busy with Chaitanya’s wedding and Raju Gari Gadhi-2, I was busy working on both the important tasks. After a long hiatus, I got some very good time to relax at home on this Sunday. So, I had two beers and Chicken Biryani followed by two and half hours of sleep.’ – said Nagarjuna to reporters who were in laughs as soon as he finished.

Kingrn Nag further revealed that PVP, film’s producer, had commented on the shirt he was wearing. ‘As BA Raju called me about the press meet, I had to quickly come here  by picking up some random shirt. But, PVP asked why I wore the shirt that was used during Shiva days.’

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