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Will ‘Naga Chaitanya’ be an ad Filmmaker…!

Naga Chaitanya

In real life, we have to toil hard to attain a great name in any profession. Be it Doctor, Engineer, IAS officer you have to work day and night for that. But if you become an actor you can be a Business Tycoon or a Doctor in the matter of few frames. Many heroes are trying to show variation in the jobs they portray on screen these days. One such hero is Naga Chaitanya.

Naga Chaitanya in his movie Premam acted as a student and a Chef too. He then acted as a contractor and a civil Engineer in Rarandoyi Veduka Chuddam. Now, the actor will be acting as a top ad filmmaker. Pawan Kalyan  in his Badri acted in such a creative professional role and after him Nagarjuna also acted as a chief of an Ad agency. Following their example, Chaitu is also acting as an ad filmmaker in his next with Chandoo Mondeti.

Right now, Chaitanya is looking forward for the release of his new movie, Yuddham Saranam. The movie looks like a thriller and action genre has proved to be unlucky for him but still he is trying out again after releasing three love stories back to back! We have to wait and see, how it will fare at the box office and the movie is slated for a release in August.

Will 'Naga Chaitu' be an ad Filmmaker...!
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