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Kamal Haasan Big Shock To Shruthi Haasan

Shruthi Haasan,Kamal Haasan
     Shruthi Haasan, Kamal Haasan

Shruthi Haasan and her father Kamal Haasan share a friendly bond supposed to a more strict father and daughter relationship. The actress has been open about the relationship they share and how accommodating Kamal is about her and her life choices. Well, but the actress said she received a shock from her father recently.
Going into the details, the actress said, ” My Father usually surprises me on my birthdays every year but this time he shocked me with his decision.” She said, ” I did not think my father would enter his political entry so soon, as we did not discuss on that as much as I wish. I was surprised that he took such a big decision all on his own as he discusses more with me and family, before any big step.” The actress wished that her father always has the ability to learn and adapt to any kind of environment and secure the top position. So, she wished he will the topmost leader in politics too.

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