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Photo Story: Bollywood ‘Greek God’ Bares It


Bollywood star hero Hrithik Roshan is known for his enviable hot looks and stunning dance moves.  Though he is a brilliant actor, his looks dominate his acting skills he is fondly called as ‘Greek God’ by his ardent fans.  Even though he didn’t deliver a blockbuster like Aamir, Salman Khan in the recent past, his fan following is still in tact.. especially famale fans.

Hrithik has recently shared his picture flaunting his chiseled physique.  He appears to have bared it for the photo shoot of a sportswear brand which he endorses.  One can hardly believe that he is 43 year old by looking at his chiseled physique and manly looks.  Netizens have gone ecstatic with Hrithik’s pic and the impact is seen with the number of likes.  The likes are around 600K.

On the professional front, Hrithik is getting ready for his next project ‘Krrish 4’ in the direction of his father Rakesh Roshan as per the Bollywood media reports.

Photo Story: Bollywood 'Greek God' Bares It
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