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Can She Score First Hit After Arundhati as Bhaagamathie


After debuting with Super movie as a glamour diva slowly she scored some normal hits at the start of her career. But then in 2009, Arundathi happened, but she still she continued with glamour roles. Devasena made a strong comeback after every failure but not with these solo-heroine movies. The likes of Panchakshari, Nagavalli, Size Zero and Rudramadevi didn’t run at the box office as expected. Though she went to become star heroine in Tollywood, she hasn’t scored any hits with female-oriented movies except Arundathi.Right now Anushka is coming back with yet another female-centric horror thriller titled as Bhaagamathie which is gearing up to hit the silver screens on January 26th. Adding to her feast, initially, there are five other movies including Touch Chesi Choodu, Achari America Yatra, Tik Tik Tik, Dandupalyam 3 and Abhimanyudu in the race alongside her. But most of them steered their way out of this season, while a couple of dubbing films are coming.In other words, Anushka is marking a solo release with Bhaagamathie. As the trailer has already received so much of positive buzz, can movie earn fortunes at the box office? Can Anushka score her second super hit lady-oriented movie after Arundhati

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