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Another World Record for Baahubali 2

Baahubali 2
                        Baahubali 2

We have seen trailers and teasers racking up millions of views but here is the stunning feat of an Indian movie page clocking millions of views and standing atop in the world. And, unsurprisingly, the film is, “Baahubali”, the Telugu magnum opus carved out by Rajamouli.According to the official data about last year’s top 25 most-read articles on Wikipedia, Baahubali secured the top rank among the entertainment category and 11th rank overall, i.e. Baahubali 2 is named the world’s most viewed/read movie page on Wikipedia in 2017, racking up more than 14 million views. Its been about eight months since the film’s release but the national and international honors keep coming in.No other Indian film made it to the Top 25. Pages listing Bollywood films released in 2017 and highest-grossing Indian films also featured in the 25 most-read articles on the website. The most read article overall was “Deaths in 2017”, with 37 million page views. It was followed by a page on American President Donald Trump.

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