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Another Record For “Bharath Anu Nenu “films of Tollywood

Bharath Anu Nenu
                 Bharath Anu Nenu

Prince Mahesh Babu’s upcoming movie Bharath Anu Nenu is undoubtedly one of the most awaited films of Tollywood right now. Despite scoring two disasters at the box office, the fans are confident that it won’t show any effect on this upcoming film. After blockbuster of Srimanthudu, Mahesh collaborated with koratala Siva for this project and expectations are skyhigh on this political flick. Analysts are commenting that the movie is going to be a super hit.Interestingly, as per the latest flash the producers have already earned 70 to 80% of their investment back. Recently Lahari music company gave a huge amount and owned the audio rights of this film. Even the producers received a hefty paycheck for the satellite rights. To sum up, the makers have earned Rs. 39 crores so far. As so many stories are coming up in the internet regarding this, everyone thought that it might be a rumor.Recently, Amazon Prime bought the digital rights of the film. As per the talk nearly 75% of the investment has already been recovered. So most of the collections the movie is going to make in the theatres can be considered as the profits. Just getting a simple positive talk is enough for Bharath Anu Nenu to create sensational records at the box office. It is a unknown fact that Mahesh Babu is playing the role of chief minister for the first time in his career and Bollywood beauty Kiara Advani is playing the lady love of Mahesh.

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