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And what about your wedding Rana Daggubati?


When young people reach certain age,a very common question they come across is when are you getting married? When it comes to girls, do not specifically say how angry they get. The boys will is slowly give a smile. Rana is also facing the same question in Chaitu – Samantha’s wedding.

Rana has told his friends that he was hiding in the wedding for not getting questioned about his marriage. Nowadays some heroes are thinking about to set a successful career track than to get married . Rana is still on good tracks and isn’t still getting married.

Ghazi – Bahubali as well as Nene Raju Nene Mantri, gave a hat-trick to Rana. The stories that are prevalent for acting are the same. Rana is also experimenting to be very new to make films. Rana is busy with the film Tamil Film 1945. It is also said that some of the stories have been put in line.

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