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OMG…! Duration of AMBIANCE is 720 Hours…!


The duration of majority of the Hollywood films will be around one and half hour.  Duration of our films will be around two and half hours.  As always, there will be exceptions.. whatever be the case, the filmmakers make sure that the duration will not cross 3-4 hours.  In such a scenario, a filmmaker is coming up with a film of 720 hours duration. Ambiance is an upcoming experimental film that is directed by the Swedish director Anders Weberg

Sweden based filmmaker Anders Weberg is doing this unthinkable feat.  The duration is equal to 30 days! The shooting of this film is going on for the past four years.  The title of the film is ‘Ambience’.  The director himself is producing the movie.  Nearly 100 actors are part of the cast.  There will not be any story, dialogues in the film as such.

They picturise the visuals.. and they are adding huge visual effects to the film.  If the movie duration is 720 hours.. what about the trailer ? We can say it’s a valid doubt.  They have already released the first trailer with the duration of 7 min 20 sec.   They are planning to release the trialer with 72 hours duration next year.

The movie will be released in 2020.  Anders is planning to release the film worldwide.  Movie will be exhibited only once.  It will be shown continuously for 30 days.  Audience will not get another opportunity to watch this film.. becuase he is planning to scrap the film after the exhibiting it for once.

OMG...! Duration of AMBIANCE is 720 Hours...!
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