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The same people are Praising him now….!


It has been proved once again that Bollywood hero Akshay Kumar never hesitates to act in message-oriented films by keeping aside his star image.  His latest film ‘Toilet: Ek Prem Katha’ is getting huge appreciation from the audience and turned out to be a commercial success as well.   The collections are inching towards Rs.100 crores making it a super hit.

The movie theme deals with the open defecation issue, and the troubles faced by the women who don’t have a toilet at their home.  Director Shri Narayan Singh came up with a love story based on this theme and he has impressed everybody with its unique storyline.  Responding to the huge success, Akshay Kumar released a video message through twitter saying that he had to face criticism initially when he signed the project.  Many people criticised him saying that he is promoting the ruling government’s programme but the same people are blowing whistles in the theaters now.

He expressed his wish that this film should bring a change in the country in curbing the open defecation.  He revealed that the percentage of open defecation has reduced from 54% to 34% in the past 8 months.  He wished to see the percentage should become zero in near future.  He added that whether the movie turns out to be a success or not, he wanted to educate the people about the troubles caused by open defecation issue.   He thanked the audience and his fans for supporting the film.

Apart from this film, Akshay is presently working on ‘Padman’.. ‘Gold’.  He is playing the main villain role in Rajinikanth-Shankar film ‘2.0’.

The same people are Praising him now....!
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