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Actor Rajasekhar met with a car accident


There is nothing to worry. No one got injured in the accident. How was the car accident happened? For the reasons go into the matters

Rajesh Shekhar is going in the car on Sunday night. Rajasekhar hit the car with a man named Rami Reddy who was going from Rajendranagar PVX Expressway. This is the reason for the two. They say that they have argued over wrong doing.

Ramireddy complained to the police on actor Rajasekhar that he was drunk and driving the vehicle. However, Rajashekar confessed that he was in the depression of his mother death. The police who arrived at the courthouse examined actor Rajasekhar through Breath Analyzer. They found that Rajashekar did not consumed liquor. Rami Reddy, who filed a case against actor Rajasekhar, has said that his complaint has been withdrawn.

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